lp smartside siding with red entry door

4 Bold Exterior Accents to Compliment Neutral Trim & Siding

There are many benefits to choosing a neutral color palette for siding and trim. For one, neutral colors appeal to the broadest range of potential homebuyers, making your home more marketable when it comes time to sell. Neutrals also may be the top pick in your particular neighborhood, and therefore necessary to help your home blend into its location. And because siding is something that will potentially grace your home for decades, neutral siding and trim colors are a timeless choice. (more…)

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backyard fun

LP® SmartSide®: The Best Siding for Backyard Ballers

If your backyard hosts frequent soccer kicking, baseball throwing and football tossing, you know that the siding on your home and outbuildings can take a beating. Many types of siding can’t stand up to these impacts without cracking or denting, but LP SmartSide siding can. LP’s advanced manufacturing processes make it one of the most durable siding solutions available. When you choose LP SmartSide siding, you can be confident that your home will enjoy lasting protection – no matter what the athletes in your family throw at it! (more…)

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mixed exterior siding materials

Exterior Design: Quick Tips for Mixing Materials

Creating a stylish home can be accomplished using various techniques during a remodel, one of which utilizes mixed materials on exterior walls. Using differing materials for your home’s exterior is a wonderful way to add character, dimension and visual interest.

  • Go traditional. For the most traditional look, vary only a small portion of the materials on the exterior of your home. This could be done by adding stone or brick only around columns, or around the entryway or a single focal point of the home. The rest of the exterior can be covered in traditional lap siding.
  • Coordinate colors. A foolproof method for coordinating different exterior materials is to pick your siding color first, and then opt for stucco, stone or brick that is similar in color but a few shades lighter or darker for contrast. Gray siding could be paired with a gray-blue stone, while warm-colored brick could be a good match for tan or beige siding.
  • Modern industrial. To create a more industrial feel, mix materials such as wood, steel and brick in the same area. When paired with contemporary design, this can be an effective way to make your exterior distinctive, and the look can also be continued within the home’s interior.brick exterior with smartside
  • Mid-century lines. The mid-century modern design style has become very popular in recent years, with many homeowners favoring accents from this time period. A key element of this architectural style is flat planes. To create the look, try using wide trim that accents the long, clean lines of the exterior, and contrast it with a bold siding color.
  • Two-tone contemporary. While lap siding is a more traditional siding choice, different sizes of lap can be used to create a contemporary look. When these sizes are selected in contrasting colors, the look draws the eye and gives the exterior a decidedly modern appeal.

Mixing exterior materials is a great idea if you are trying to highlight different areas of your home. It’s a tasteful way to create dimension and make your home stand out without overdoing it. For help with an exterior remodeling project, contact an LP Preferred Remodeler near you.


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