exterior siding

How to Make Exterior Siding Shine for Under $400

If you think the interior walls of your home get dusty or covered with smudgy fingerprints, you might be disgusted to take a closer look at the exterior walls of your home. In general, the outside of your home needs a good cleaning each year to maintain that shine that makes it the jewel of the neighborhood. Here’s a handful of steps you can follow to make your siding shine without spending more than $400. (more…)

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re-siding a historic home

The Do’s and Don’ts of Re-Siding a Historic Home

Choosing what siding to install can be an enemy of old houses. Siding an old house in vinyl or aluminum can mask serious moisture problems. Siding installation may eliminate trim and other distinctive aesthetic elements that create the uniqueness that historic homes are known for. If you are considering the purchase of a historic home, or you already are the proud owner of a local historical gem, use caution when it comes to siding.  (more…)

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LP SmartSide engineered wood siding

Why You May be Losing Money by Using the Wrong Siding Material

When you’re a contractor, the best siding material to use on the houses you remodel or build can depend on a lot of factors: architectural style, the results you’re looking for, the region you’re in, the budget of your buyers, and more. However, often the deciding factor is the material that saves the most time and money.

If you currently install fiber cement siding, consider how its drawbacks may be cutting into your bottom line. (more…)

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