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Questions to Ask Your Remodeler About Building Materials

Building products can be a bit of a gray area for homeowners who are embarking on their first remodeling project. While picking out some elements of an exterior remodel, such as colors and stone accents, is exciting for many people, it can be more difficult to know which choice to make when it comes to selections such as siding. However, it’s important to make the right decision regarding the fundamental elements of your home. These fundamentals will ensure a solid, easy-maintenance house that stays that way for many years. (more…)

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The Value of Siding Longevity

Siding doesn’t last forever, but some products last longer and wear better than others. If your home’s siding is becoming worn and starting to look shabby, you have an important decision to make: pick an inexpensive siding product that might not endure well, or invest a bit more in one that offers better longevity. Here’s why LP® SmartSide® products have the potential to save homeowners in the long run by lasting longer and standing up to the elements better than competitive products. (more…)

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Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Starting Your Home Improvement Project

Residential remodeling spending has been on an upward trend the past few years, topping $152 billion in 2017 and expected to continue growing at a fair pace. Rising property prices and an aging housing stock are also convincing more Americans to stay put in—and work on—their current homes. They are projected to spend upwards of $330 billion on home upgrades, replacements and routine maintenance in 2018 alone. (more…)

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LP siding offers extreme protection against termites

Why Termites Are No Match for the SmartGuard® Process

Did you know that termites cause more damage to U.S. homes than fire, floods and storms combined? That’s according to the National Pest Management Foundation, which estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage every year. That means this small insect is a silent yet sizeable threat that can eat a chunk out of your investment – literally – if you have traditional wood siding.

Because termites are more active during the spring and summer months, take the time to regularly inspect your siding for signs of termites. According to Orkin, signs of termite damage include buckling wood, areas that appear to be suffering from slight water damage, and mud tunnels near a home’s foundation.


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Siding That Stands Up to Summer Wear & Tear

For many Americans, summer means getting out and enjoying the backyard. It means barbeques, baseball games and cornhole tournaments. But for your siding, summer means added wear and tear in the form of summer storms, lawn mowers that throw debris and water sprinklers that routinely soak it.

LP is committed to keeping your home’s siding looking great with a product line that stands up to the rigors of summer. LP® SmartSide® products are tested to high performance standards that verify consistent quality – to help you enjoy summer without worrying about your home’s siding. (more…)

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LP® SmartSide® Siding Stands Strong Against Impact for Long-Lasting Beauty

When you’re making a long-term investment in your house, like siding replacement, it’s important to choose a durable siding material built to last. Avoid having to make repairs or live with unsightly dents and cracks due to harsh weather, backyard sporting activities or lawnmowers shooting small rocks. With proven impact resistance, LP® SmartSide® siding can handle it! (more…)

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How to Keep Your Sanity During the Product Selection Process

Even if you are lucky enough to find the perfect remodeling contractor, the remodeling process can still be a long and emotion-packed journey. One of the most important steps in a home remodel is the product selection phase. Decisions surrounding the selection of materials and products for your remodel must be made decisively or you risk drawing out the process (and the cost) even more. But when you’re just not sure what you want – yet you know you may have to live with the decision for decades – every choice can feel overwhelming.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed when selecting building materials. (more…)

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