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remodeling selections

How to Keep Your Sanity During the Product Selection Process

Even if you are lucky enough to find the perfect remodeling contractor, the remodeling process can still be a long and emotion-packed journey. One of the most important steps in a home remodel is the product selection phase. Decisions surrounding the selection of materials and products for your remodel must be made decisively or you risk drawing out the process (and the cost) even more. But when you’re just not sure what you want – yet you know you may have to live with the decision for decades – every choice can feel overwhelming.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed when selecting building materials. (more…)

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remodeling clients

How to Be Your Remodeling Contractor’s Favorite Client

While your remodeling contractor certainly is your “employee” during the time period he is working on your home, that doesn’t mean you have to make his life miserable. The fact remains that a good relationship between the homeowner and contractor makes for a less stressful and more pleasant experience on both sides. Follow these tips to avoid contractor pet peeves and create a win-win for both yourself and your remodeler. (more…)

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siding inspection

How to Recognize Hidden Signs of Storm Damage

While some storm damage is obvious – like missing shingles or a tree limb that has fallen on the roof – other damage is more subtle. Even if a storm did not produce a large volume of rain or hail, high winds alone can be enough to warrant replacement of roofing, siding and other exterior components. After a storm passes, be sure to look for other signs of potential damage to ensure you receive the most comprehensive repair estimate. (more…)

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different types of home cladding

How to Successfully Mix Different Types of Cladding on a Home

Siding has become part of the ongoing evolution within the building industry. The quality, durability and beauty of siding materials has evolved greatly in recent decades, giving contractors and homeowners an impressive number of choices that not only look good, but are also durable and long-lasting. Today, it’s possible to achieve an array of different looks without spending a lot of time and money on siding maintenance. Let’s take a look at how to mix and match siding to create unique house siding designs. (more…)

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rendering of house with LP SmartSide manufactured wood siding

The Beauty is in the Details: Accent Colors for Your Exterior

Even if you aren’t changing the main colors of your home’s exterior siding and trim, there are other ways you can add color to boost interest and curb appeal. The key is to repeat your accent color in more than one place so that it doesn’t seem disparate from the rest of the house.

When adding additional colors to the exterior, keep in mind the following:

  • Doors, shutters and even batten can be set apart from the siding with a distinctively different or significantly darker accent color.
  • Architectural features are highlighted with contrasting or darker colors.
  • Lackluster features such as boring garage doors can be downplayed by painting them the same color as the body of the house.


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