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Contractor’s Corner: ABC Roofing Company in Avon, Indiana

ABC Roofing Company has been offering siding services since 1994. When we first learned of LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding, our representatives weren’t sure that there was a huge difference between LP SmartSide siding and fiber cement, and often had homeowners requesting fiber cement simply because it was more widely known. Initially, LP was a tough sell to our clients but the more we learned, the more we loved it! Eventually, our clients loved it too!

home sidingIt’s easy to find pros and cons on the internet for any competing brand, but here’s why we love LP SmartSide engineered wood siding products.

Easy Installation

Our installers are comfortable with LP SmartSide siding because it’s easy to cut, there’s less waste (which is a win for everyone) and if there’s the need to paint any siding on-site, this product requires less paint than fiber cement – which sucks up the paint, requiring more coats and, in turn, more time on the job.

The durability of SmartSide products is a huge win! Fiber cement often requires two or three people to carry it because it may break. If a piece breaks in transition, this causes more waste, time and money when your crew has to make a material run or you have to over-order, knowing this may be the case. That’s more out-of-pocket for the homeowner and your company. Vinyl siding easily dents, cracks, buckles, warps and fades over time.

Attentive Contractor Support

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This is huge for us. Every contractor wants a product that the manufacturer stands behind and is willing to assist should issues arise. As contractors, we’ve all encountered it – a manufacturer who doesn’t fully support us or back their product, essentially making us responsible for issues with their product. This costs us time, money and unhappy customers. And it’s absolutely not the case with LP.

Any time we’ve required support, the LP team has been overwhelmingly responsive, friendly and easy to work with. Our LP representative in particular has gone above and beyond to be attentive and assist with any of our needs, big or small. If our installers ever have questions, LP has gone so far as to be on the job site, ensuring they’re comfortable with the engineered siding installation process.

Likewise, whether it’s been a customer or one of our team members, our LP rep has been more than willing to meet with or speak to the homeowner or our representative to address any concerns or just offer peace of mind. In doing so, this has helped drive sales because the customer feels that LP will support them should they ever encounter an issue. They trust LP.

Just about anyone from this organization has been easy to work with and, we feel, have gone above and beyond to make us comfortable with the product. This, in turn, makes it an easy choice when recommending to our clients.

A Solid Warranty

LP offers a 50-year limited warranty and, in our experience, stands behind it. The product itself is just beautiful! We highly recommend it to our customers and fellow contractors alike.

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Sonja Garnett

Sonja Garnett

For the past four years, Sonja Garnett has managed marketing and customer relations for ABC Roofing Company. In addition to a full line of roofing options, ABC Roofing also provides expert installation of siding, windows, gutters, insulation and more for homeowners in the Indianapolis area. As a small business, the ABC team stays highly focused on quality control, efficiency and maintaining a personal relationship with each client. Sonja and her two sons enjoy volunteering their time to help those in need within their community.

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