Looking to Sell? 6 Ways to Create Maximum Curb Appeal

A house with curb appeal looks loved and inviting, with thoughtful design and small touches that say its owners take pride in where they live. An added outcome of enhancing your home’s curb appeal is that it generates a strong positive reaction in you, your neighbors and guests – and potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Whether you plan to sell this year or well into the future, here are five things you can do to create maximum curb appeal.

  • Banish clutter. If the first thing a prospective buyer sees when pulling up to your home is overflowing trash cans and unkempt landscaping, you’ve already missed your chance at making a good first impression. Get rid of any clutter that detracts from the exterior appearance of your home, including overgrown shrubs, leaves, lawn ornaments, garden hoses, trash, bicycles and old vehicles. Eliminate all but a few carefully selected planters and pieces of outdoor furniture.curb appeal
  • Freshen the entry. Remove everything from your porch or patio, and thoroughly clean the entire area. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint if needed. Replace or repair damaged storm doors and screens. Add planters or other colorful accents to the entryway. Pull weeds from the walkways leading up to your home.
  • Make siding repairs. Just because some of your siding has been damaged by water or other forces doesn’t always mean you have to re-side the entire house. For just a few hundred dollars, an experienced siding contractor may be able to make small repairs to fix siding that is cracked, warped or worn.
  • Add trim for visual interest. Incorporating simple trim accents on porch columns, dormers and roof peaks can greatly enhance curb appeal. Before adding trim accents, look at the other houses on your street. Avoid over-accessorizing; too many accents can leave your home looking out-of-place.
  • Care for bushes and trees. Mature, well-tended landscaping can add a sense of elegance and character to a property, but if it is neglected and overgrown, it can have the opposite effect. If your bushes and trees are overgrown or otherwise unattractive, prune them or hire a professional to care for them.
  • Plant flowers and shrubs. If you have the opposite problem – a year that’s bare of any vegetation – invest in some plantings of flowers and shrubs that thrive in your region. If you have minimal room for planting, even simple container gardens can greatly enhance a front elevation.

Explore the Possibilities

If you want to learn how to increase curb appeal and are considering a siding upgrade, visit the LP® SmartSide® gallery to explore siding profiles and envision the possibilities for your home. For more information about LP SmartSide Trim and Siding, connect with a remodeler near you.

Chemeka Dabney

Chemeka Dabney

Chemeka Dabney is a Segment Marketing Associate for the LP® SmartSide® Business Marketing team in support of all Repair & Remodel (R&R) siding segment marketing initiatives. She has a history of assisting with the creation, development, management and measurement of marketing efforts, sales team support and complete event management for lunch-and-learns, seminars and technology showcases. When not blowing away her co-workers with her mad marketing skills in the office, Chemeka is passionate about giving back through volunteer involvement with local Nashville non-profits. She also is a huge sports fan (Go Titans! Go Predators!) and a self-admitted book addict that is unfortunately guilty of reading all the Twilight books cover to cover. For more from Chemeka, visit the LP SmartSide Trim and Siding blog.

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