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Resists Damage From Small Rock Impacts

LP SmartSide resists damage from small rocks traveling at high speeds as shown in this comparison test. Other siding materials show visible damage at slower speeds.

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LP® SmartSide * Fiber Cement
LP® SmartSide extreme protection from damaging high-speed impacts Impact fiber cement
107 mph 98.1 mph

Extreme Protection From Damaging High-Speed Impacts

Watch the official NASA impact tests to see how LP SmartSide lap siding outperforms fiber cement lap siding.


Rated For Hurricane-Force Wind

Engineered with industrial-grade binders and resins, LP SmartSide products offer the strength to perform beautifully in extremely strong wind gusts.

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LP® SmartSide ** Fiber Cement
79 PSF Wind Pressure Rating 40 PSF Wind Pressure Rating

Withstands High Winds With Confidence

LP SmartSide products are engineered to resist damaging winds with their impressive allowable design pressure rating. Even with wind gusts up to 130 MPH, LP SmartSide Lap Siding products are engineered to hold strong.


Natural Woodgrain Texture

More and more homeowners, builders and remodelers prefer the rich cedar grain texture of LP SmartSide Siding. It’s just one reason why LP SmartSide is one of the fastest-growing siding brands in the U.S.

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LP® SmartSide ** Fiber Cement Vinyl
LP® SmartSide Deep Cedar Grain Texture Fiber Cement Texture Vinyl Texture sample
Deep Cedar Grain Texture    

No Efflorescence

LP SmartSide products will not discolor from efflorescence, a challenge associated with cement-based exteriors like fiber cement siding.

(Note: vinyl siding does not effloresce)

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LP® SmartSide Fiber Cement
Grey siding sample Fiber Cement Texture Sample

Engineered Not To Effloresce

Fiber cement lap siding contains salts and minerals that may leach out when exposed to water. Although harmless, this efflorescence leaves an unsightly residue that discolors the exterior of your home. LP SmartSide siding is an engineered wood product and will not effloresce.


Up To 33% Fewer Seams

LP SmartSide lap siding comes in long 16’ lengths for fewer seams, a cleaner look and faster installation during your remodeling project.

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LP® SmartSide *** Fiber Cement Vinyl
16 Seam Siding 12 Seam Fiber Cement 12 Seam Vinyl

Renewable Resource

LP SmartSide lap siding is made responsibly from a renewable resource – wood, unlike fiber cement and vinyl siding.

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LP® SmartSide * Fiber Cement Vinyl
LP® SmartSide Renewable Wood Resource Fiber Cement Materials Vinyl Materials
Renewable wood Silica / Portland Cement Polyvinyl Chloride

LP SmartSide Products Are Responsibly Made

LP uses SFI®-certified forest management and fiber sourcing systems to help ensure that our wood comes from well-managed forests that can be replenished.

LP SmartSide®

  • Renewable wood
  • Low-emitting resins
  • Lighter to transport

Fiber Cement

  • Silica/Portland cement
  • Releases harmful silica when cut with power saws


  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Releases mercury during production

†Source: Environmental Impacts of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Building Materials, Dr. Joe Thornton, Columbia University

*LP SmartSide strand lap siding compared to a competitive fiber cement lap siding product installed on ½” OSB board secured to pine studs.
**LP SmartSide strand lap siding compared to a competitive fiber cement lap siding product.
*** LP SmartSide strand lap siding compared to competitive fiber cement and vinyl lap siding products.

Many Products. One Warranty.

All LP SmartSide products feature the same transferable limited 5-year labor/50-year warranty, unlike other siding brands that may have different warranties for various siding and trim products.

5/50 year limited warranty

Stands Up to Heavy Rain

The SmartGuard® process features special waxes and resins that coat each strand of wood to help LP SmartSide products resist moisture intrusion. (Note: Fiber cement and vinyl siding also stand up to rain.)

LP SmartSide Resists Moisture

Offers Protection From Termites

LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process effectively resists damage from termites to help preserve the beauty of your home. (Note: Fiber cement and vinyl siding resist termite damage.)

LP SmartSide protects your home from termites
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