LP® SmartSide® trim and siding

LP SmartSide trim and siding products outshine both fiber cement and vinyl, two of the most widely used siding materials, in head-to-head comparisons of the factors affecting workability. This means faster, easier and safer installation for builders and remodelers and, ultimately, better value for consumers.

Cutting tools Can be cut with standard woodworking tools
Cutting is the trickiest part of working with fiber cement. The material can damage conventional saw blades. In contrast, neither LP SmartSide nor vinyl trim and siding require specialized equipment to cut them.
LP Smartside SIding Workability with Power Tools
Length Comes in lengths up to 16 feet
LP SmartSide trim and lap siding are available in lengths up to 16 feet, while the standard length for fiber cement and vinyl lap siding is shorter, 12 feet. SmartSide siding provides greater coverage per piece and may result in fewer seams and joints than competing fiber cement and vinyl siding products.
LP Smartside Siding Length
Weight Weighs less and easier to carry
In terms of weight per linear foot, vinyl siding is the lightest, followed by LP SmartSide. Either product can be positioned and secured into place by one worker without assistance. Fiber cement is by far the heaviest of the three at roughly 2.5 pounds per square foot. Two people are required to properly carry and install 12-foot lengths of fiber cement lap siding.
LP Smartside Lightweight Siding
Handling Resists breakage during handling
LP SmartSide products are highly resistant to breakage, which simplifies handling. In contrast, fiber cement in particular can easily bend, crack or chip if not handled properly. It needs to be stabilized at all times, carried on its side to prevent breakage, and supported along its length during the cutting process.
LP Smartside products resist breakage during handling
Installation time Faster Installation
Both LP SmartSide and vinyl siding can be installed quickly. SmartSide siding is typically faster to install than fiber cement siding due largely to its length and consistency: Longer pieces mean greater coverage per piece installed, while the absence of defects means no time wasted separating flawed from usable pieces. In fact, according to a 2003 total installed cost study by the NAHB Research Center (now Home Innovation Research Labs), crews were able to install LP SmartSide siding 12% faster than fiber cement siding.
Fast Siding Installation

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LP SmartSide products are proven and time-tested favorites among builders for new home, remodeling, shed and light commercial applications. With over 9 billion feet of trim and siding products installed on over 4 million homes and buildings, LP SmartSide products bring beauty and practicality together in a way that benefits contractors and property owners across the country.

Watch our installation series on YouTube to see how easy it is to install LP SmartSide products and for more information on the complete LP SmartSide product line, download our product catalog.