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6 Tips for Planning Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping

It’s easier than you think to turn a boring front lawn and driveway into a well-balanced display of botanical creativity that adds value to your property. A beautiful front yard includes more than just a green lawn – it’s a careful plan that incorporates trees, shrubs, flowers and hardscapes in a way that highlights all the best aspects of your home and lot. Here are some landscape and exterior remodeling ideas to get you started.

Exterior Remodeling Ideas for More Curb Appeal

Assess your yard from the outside. Take an honest assessment of the condition of your front yard. Is it appealing? Does it blend with those nearby? Are there trees or plants hiding the front of the house, or do they frame it so it appears open and inviting? Can you tell where to approach your home? Are walks and steps in good repair and easily navigated? List the pleasing points and the downsides of the yard.

Lead the way to the front door. Be sure there is a clear path from the driveway to your home’s main entrance. Try to make this route as straightforward as possible, or kids and pets may make their own shortcut through your carefully planted flower beds! Ensure that the walkway is at least 36 inches wide to allow for easy movement. Later you may want to accent the front door with a lamppost, shrubbery, a cozy bench or pots of flowering annuals.

Choose a style. Determine if your site is best suited to a formal or informal landscape. Formal landscaping includes strong lines with uniform plants and symmetrical plantings. Informal designs are more free-flowing, with asymmetrical elements and plants that are less structured.

Note the direction your house faces. Knowing which way your home faces is an important part of choosing which flowers and shrubs to plant in your yard. Direction determines how much light the site receives, and which plants will grow and thrive there. A south-facing yard will receive the most sun, while plants in a north-facing yard must be able to tolerate a fair amount of shade during the day.

Keep scale in mind. To do this, you need to think about what trees and shrubs will look like when they reach maturity. Don’t plant anything that could block the view of your home from the street. Give plants some room to grow by planting them away from the foundation.

Select plants. After you’ve done your research as to where plants will be placed and the function you want them to serve, select plants for the yard, planters and window boxes. If you don’t have much time for gardening, ask your local nursery about low-maintenance plants that thrive in your geographic area.

Let’s Give Your Home a New Look

If your home needs more than just a makeover of the yard, LP is here to help you with beautiful house siding options featuring premium LP® SmartSide® products. We have a variety of colorful trim and siding replacement products to match your personal style and complement your home. To learn more, find an LP BuildSmart siding contractor in your area!

Chemeka Dabney

Chemeka Dabney

Chemeka Dabney is a Segment Marketing Associate for the LP® SmartSide® Business Marketing team in support of all Repair & Remodel (R&R) siding segment marketing initiatives. She has a history of assisting with the creation, development, management and measurement of marketing efforts, sales team support and complete event management for lunch-and-learns, seminars and technology showcases. When not blowing away her co-workers with her mad marketing skills in the office, Chemeka is passionate about giving back through volunteer involvement with local Nashville non-profits. She also is a huge sports fan (Go Titans! Go Predators!) and a self-admitted book addict that is unfortunately guilty of reading all the Twilight books cover to cover. For more from Chemeka, visit the LP SmartSide Trim and Siding blog.

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