Why choose LP? Our advanced manufacturing processes make LP® SmartSide® siding one of the most durable siding solutions available. Installed on more than 4 million homes since 1997, you can be confident that your siding will perform in harsh weather and resist damage from impacts.



Impact Resistance – Resists impact damage better than fiber cement does

NASA testing of LP® SmartSide® siding has shown that it resists impacts from baseballs, golf balls, river rocks, and marbles traveling at high speeds that fiber cement siding cannot handle. Impact resistance is important because it helps reduce ugly dents and holes during installation and beyond.



Weather Resistance – Stands up to the most extreme weather in any climate

Special water-resistant waxes and adhesive resins coat each strand of wood making LP SmartSide products very resistant to high humidity and heavy rain. Industrial-grade resins give it the strength to withstand strong winds. LP SmartSide products also withstand extreme heat and cold, sun exposure and resist damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

Weather Resistant Siding



Rot & Termite Resistance – Fights damage from termites and fungal decay

LP SmartSide products are protected against termites and fungal decay with the addition of zinc borate during the SmartGuard® manufacturing process. Tested in the intense moisture and thriving termite colonies of Hilo, Hawaii since 1996, LP SmartSide products have shown, that even after years of exposure to these extreme conditions, they remain structurally sound.

termite resistance




LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process is designed to create the most durable products possible. Every strand of wood is treated with an advanced formula of adhesive resins, waxes and zinc borate. A water resistant, resin-saturated overlay is then bonded to the product, providing protection against harsh weather.

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